Not So (Castle) Couture

This page is for all the bad fashion I encounter while at the place Where Dreams Come True!

While I approve of TNBC stockings, the entire outfit is horrendous... And it was 40ยบ! She must be freezing!
I really hope she didn't think those were leggings... They're tights.

That's some serious built-in air conditioning you got going there!
Glittery skater dress, pleather metallic crossbody bag and weird suede boots... okay
No, this was not during a running weekend
If I can see the curve of your ass cheek, your shorts are too short.
Honey, I think you need a layer between lace and bra
No. Asscheek. Please stop.
I'll give her this - she probably gets a good breeze in that shirt

What is this? A faux linen romper? A cami would have been nice - I can see your bra
Asscheek!  How is this not a denim vagina thong?
This is the same fabric that Peacock Sparkle Skirts are made of - the fabric is NOT made for jumpsuits!

Ah, the sporty asscheek. Complete with Fanny Pack.