Friday, March 9, 2012

Improvements already!

So last week I skipped all of my training because we went down for OMDD. To make up for that, I doubled up all my training days from 2/25 until 3/9 so that I could get back on track.  It's been kicking my ass and yesterday was the first day I could get through the entire thing (30 minute walk AND a 30 minute run/walk).  As I was plodding along, I realized that, after 45 minutes, my lower calf had yet to cramp up!  Usually it starts to really hurt around 20 minutes (I have very tight calves that need to be stretched, I guess - I'm working on that!) - sometimes so bad that I have to stop.

I finished my hour and as I was changing into lounge-y clothes, I realized that there were a lot of improvements so far:
  1. No leg cramps while on the treadmill. 
  2. I ran for about 2 minutes at a time before I had to stop (this is a vast improvement over my 10 second time when I began).
  3. The pants I wore to work that day were saggy and baggy and not nearly as tight around my waist as when I first got them. 
After I sat for a while after dinner, I got up and was stiff, so I assumed that I would hurt a LOT today, but I really don't.  I feel like I "exercised" - you know, that good muscle feeling. 

I think the biggest improvement, though?  I'm looking forward to the walk/run now.  I'm thinking of heading to the park tomorrow and doing their 3-mile trail.  Of course, it's supposed to rain, so I probably won't get to. But the fact that I'm thinking that way and kind of bummed that I probably won't GET TO do it makes me happy. 

The mindset is changing. I'm on my way.

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