Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Let's Get to the Root of the Problem

So, all weekend, my tooth was hurting. It started really Thursday night, but I didn't really recognize it as pain until Friday.  Any time I bit down on my front tooth, or if they touched each other (when talking or eating), I would get this jarring, blinding pain.  Unfortunately, I was away at Disney all weekend, and I couldn't get to a dentist.

On Monday, I was able to go in to my dentist's office and get it checked out. Sadly, it was still Indian Dentist, who was filling in after my awesome dentist left. I tried to explain to her that the pain was in my left front tooth, the one that was just crowned less than 6 months ago. To her, I guess she thought I was blaming the pain ON the crown, which I wasn't. 

Ends up, I have an infection, and I need a frackin' root canal!  I set it up for April 20th (so, yay, more time missed from work) in the morning, so I can at least get some stuff done in the afternoon.

On Wednesday, I met with Dr. Tyler who was able to drill through my porcelain crown without cracking it (which was a real possibility!), and do the work. 

Next week, I'll head back to Coast for my final filling. Yay, more time off.

At least my pain is gone now!

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