Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Deja Vu - RunJax Labor Day 5k

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This race is pretty much an exact repeat of the Celebration Run in July, so I'm not going to post too much. 

I got hubby to work around 5:15 and had an uneventful drive. I got there just before 7am and scored a spot in front of Stonewood Grill (closer than where I parked in July).

Start Line is past these cars

I headed across to packet pick up and came back to the car. When I took the shirt out of my bag, I kind of side-eyed it; was this really a female-cut shirt? It had a crew neck (rather than a V-neck).  I tried to spy on any women in the parking lot who was wearing their shirt, and after about 10 minutes, I ascertained that yeah, the chick shirt got a crew neck, too. Yay (I don't like crew neck).

I gathered up all my stuff, then popped open the Pepsi I brought with me and headed over to the start line. 

Again, they played the Whitney National Anthem (really, guys, 1st Place Sports uses it for pretty much every. single. race...), and then, after a quick start line selfie, we were off. 

Humidity + Cold Camera = Soft Filter Focus!

Following the same course as the Celebration run, I hit Mile One. 

Yep, that's a crappy pace

I passed on the water stop - I still had some ice water in my Nathan.

Water Station

Then Mile 2.

Mile 2

At the second water stop, I took a cup of water so that I could soak my cooling towel. I poured the remaining water on my head - it was HOT already!

Mile 3 and the finish is right around the corner!
Mile 3!
Go left!
I did it! I finished! My official time was 51:59, giving me a pace of 16:43. I was 53rd in my brand new age group (now Female 40-44), and I beat 56 people, coming in 830th overall. 

Action shot!

I took a quick finish line selfie, then grabbed some water, as well as some crackers and electrolyte popsicles.
They have great medals for such small races!
Purified is icky! Spring water rocks!
None of the vendor tents had anything good, so I meandered up front to wait for awards and the raffle.

Seen in the window of the running store
Out of all the times that the winners had during the awards, only ONE person was slower than me... and she was over 80!

After that, I changed clothes at a local CVS, purchasing some Milk Duds and a soda for the Pee Fee™ then went to Daily's for some gas and a car wash.

Next, I went over to Orange Park Mall. I scored some good clearance at JCP before hitting up Chick-fil-A for lunch.

After the mall, I went over to Party City for some celebratory birthday stuff - I picked up a "40th Birthday" ribbon pin for my trip to Disney tomorrow, as well as some candy. I checked out Dollar Tree to see if they had anything fun for the trip, but didn't find anything cool.I picked up a fun picture frame at Old Time Pottery, as well as some Halloween decor for my office, then picked up a snack at the gas station and headed home. I got some packin' to do for Disney tomorrow!

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