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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Stay Strong - SAM Strong! Sam Strong 5k Race Report

I did something today that I’ve never done before – I RAN an entire 5k. Yes, I RAN the entire thing! Okay, so water stops don’t count!

After working so hard with Couch to 5k, and pushing my limits on my long Sunday runs, I thought that I was ready to do this.

I headed out for Newberry, bright and early, ready to get this done!  I knew NOTHING about Sam, or Duchenne, or anything else – I was there for the bling.

Packet Pickup was inside Newberry Elementary School.

Newberry High School
I got my bib and goodies and threw them in the car, then headed back in to use the little girls’ room.

Sure beats Porta-Potties!
I walked around a bit before the race, since I was actually early!

There was a bounce house for kids. 

Captain America over there on the right
There were a LOT of Silent Auction baskets set out (none of them appealed to me). 

Everything was donated by the community
Fit-2-Run was there as well.

Fit-2-Run, always trying to sign you up for free shoes
There was a speech at the start line, about Sam and his life and how awesome he is, and then we were set free, it was GO time.

Middle of the pack view
I ‘took off’ slowly, not wanting to tire myself out.  Mile 1 seemed to come quickly.

Mile 1 already?
I was pacing these two little girls (well, they were pacing me, I think) and they didn’t seem to grasp how AWESOME I was. I was RUNNING the WHOLE THING!

Walk faster, that awesome chick in the skirt is behind us...
Mile 2 showed up and I was blown away at myself – I was STILL running! I was hot as hell, but I was still trotting!

OMG - I'm 2/3 of the way done and STILL running!
Okay, so I didn’t run the WHOLE thing – I did stop to take this photo. It struck a nerve this time (and I’ve seen signs like this a lot). But then I began running again. There’s no stopping me now!

I always COULD run, but I wasted the gift for too long
The finish line was in sight, and Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” spurred me on towards the finish. I was cheered in with Newberry High cheerleaders.

And yet, I still don't like cheerleaders.
Not to be outdone, I celebrated my finish with Thor!  Man, this kid had some ENERGY!

I think we were dancing. Not too sure about this one.
My official time?  50:43. Ouch. NOT my slowest time, though!  Way back in 2012, my FAM time was 51:00!  I beat 18 people (out of 161 total runners). 

After my awesome finish, I celebrated with a free sno-cone (okay, I won’t lie – sno-coneS. Plural. I think I had 3. I love sno-cones!)

Nectar of the Gods - Cherry Sno-Cones
Throughout the race, there was a DJ playing good music (and wholesome music, not crap, either).  Once everyone came through the finish, he began playing line dances, like Cha Cha Slide, and well, this 37-year-old mom learned how to Cha Cha!   

Two hops this time
While there is no video of ME dancing, I did attach a clip of SAM dancing with everyone. He taught me, pretty much at this moment, that you are only limited by what you refuse to do. Kid in a wheelchair? Dancing!


Because Sam liked super heroes so much – his whole race was super hero themed, obviously! – there was even a costume contest. I saw lots of folks in Wal-Mart shirts that had capes, but there was a straight-up Captain America, a Wolverine, and of course, Thor.  Thor won, and no win could have been more deserved!  He was upbeat the entire time, dancing like a maniac and cheering for everyone. That kid is a good future ahead of him, if he keeps up that attitude!

I'm not sure whose smile is bigger?
Sadly though, it was time to head out, so I took my 3rd sno-cone to go and piled in to the car. I’d never been to Newberry before, so I set out to do some exploring. It took about 3 minutes before I hit the edge of town, so I turned around and ended up getting stuck on the main drag, waiting for a train to go by. 

Blain is a pain, and that is the truth
I think we were there for almost 10 minutes!  Traffic backed up quite a bit behind me.

I guess that truck gave up
Once home, I checked out some of my swag. I got a medal and a cool sticker.

Simple but pretty medal
I got a small Campus USA first aid bag (I love these!). 

Ziploc bag filled with runner's first aid stuffs
Antacid, Tylenol, Mints, Bandaids, Wet Ones - all good stuff!
And I got this letter, from the family of Sam.  I thought it was very touching.

I think I will definitely do this next year!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A Winner is ME!

Holy shit, you guys! 

Have you ever entered a contest, never thinking that you would win? I did that the other day.

And I won!

St. Augustine Half Marathon Weekend’s Facebook page put out a contest for the SLOWEST male and female half-marathon times. I entered with my first Princess time of 4:12:32.  

And I won!

It was posted the next day on their Facebook page that I was the winner!

I'm a winner!!!
I signed up as soon as Miami Tri Events emailed me the secret code, and then began to freak out.  

The Course Limit for the race is 3:30! I can’t do 3:30! I can hardly do 4:00! I shouldn’t have registered. I should’ve just registered for the 10k (I’ve done that one). I’m slow, I’m fat, blah blah blah.

However, I asked them on Facebook about the time limit and they said that although I may be asked to get on the sidewalk, they would wait for me; “No runner left behind”.  I’m in good hands for this race, I feel. 

No Runner Left Behind
However, now to commencing the freak-out... Holy Shit, I have THREE weeks to get back up to par for a half-marathon. After screwing around all summer. 

As long as I’m not last, I’ll be fine… I think.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

I did it! I did it! What did I do?

I did it! I did it!  I did it!!!!!!

I just ran 3.1 miles!!!  I just ran a 5k on the treadmill.

I can’t say I didn’t stop because I did (once to pee and once to fix Stupid Netflix), but if you call those “water stops” I ran the whole thing!


Monday, September 8, 2014

Beware the Blerch! He comes with goodies!

I got my Blerchual Marathon stuff!  

 Matt Inman (The Oatmeal) didn’t skimp on the fun, either!  I got a shirt, a medal, a bib, some stickers, a Blerch stress ball, and even a lip balm – cupcake flavored, of course. 

 I basically took everything  out of the package so that I could photograph it, and then I put it all right back in. I haven’t earned it yet.

How it came to me in the mail - I peeled off that sticker, too!
Blerch stress ball (with nipples), gummi bears and lip balm
This is my second one of these - now I can have one at work and one at home!
"Running Sticker" - I can't bear to actually STICK it anywhere!
Running sticker
Rectangular bumper sticker
A real bib!
Front of the race shirt
One arm of the race shirt
And, of course, the MEDAL!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

November Race found!

I found my November race, too!  I haven’t signed up yet, but it’s the Give Kids the World 5k on November 8th in Kissimmee. It starts at Medieval Times, and runs around the GKtW Village, and it comes with a medal, too.

Best part? We’ll already be down there for the Wine and Dine anyway!  So Friday night, we work at the Expo, Saturday morning, I run a race, then overnight, we set up food or something at the finish line.

What a great weekend this is gonna be!