Sunday, December 30, 2012

Aren't we the Sunshine State?

So today was supposed to be 9 miles, according to my JG training. However, I'm getting over a cold/flu and didn't know if I would be able to do it all.

I planned to walk 3x around my Westside Park route, but after about a MILE, I realized that a) it was cold as hell outside, b) I did not dress properly for said temperatures and c) I still felt like crap.

I finished the first circle of the route, then decided to just walk where the sun was. From the corner of 8th and 34th, I walked back up to 16th, then back. At that point, I was feeling okay and figured that if I could stay in the sun, I could get at least 5 or 6 miles done. I stood at that intersection and decided that walking towards University Avenue had the most sun. So I walked all the way down to University Avenue and 34th Street - the intersection with a Checkers and a Grandy’s.

All feeling good, so far, I turn around to go back to the park and the WIND CAME UP! That made the temps - that were already only 37* - feel like they were 10* cooler! Walking back to the car (about a mile) was hell!!! I forwent the stretching, like I normally do, and just cranked the heater and drove home. I ended up doing 5.12 miles, in near-freezing temps, with an average pace of 18mm.

I'm sitting here now in fleece jammies, fuzzy socks AND a huge fleece robe with the heater pointed below my desk (to give me a cave of warm) and a cup of hot cocoa (with marshmallows, of course!), trying to warm up. I've been home for 20 minutes and I am not warm. Also, I'm coughing like a little asthmatic bitch, so that's fun.

However, with all the bitching, I am so proud of myself for getting out of bed, for getting dressed, for getting out of the house and into the car, for walking anyway, even though it was cold, and uncomfortable, and freezing!! I've come a long way, but I have so much more to go.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas - Running Santa was good to me!

Yeah, but if Running Santa was me, it kind of takes all the fun out of it, I guess?


Check out the swag!!

Two Tech Tees from JCP - Xersion brand - Teal and Black

Nathan Handheld water bottle.  Has a little slide-out ID card, and the pocket is big enough to hold an iPod (and it really does!) but I could also fit in a GuChomps package, lip balm, gum AND my car key fob.

 Okay, so it's not REALLY running gear, but since I got it specifically for the Princess, I'm putting it here. It's a Nikon Coolpix camera. In purple. Of course!

Reward Sparkle Skirt!  Peacock Bordeaux - it has purples, blues, blacks, greys and sparkles! What more could you want?

Well, except a SECOND Sparkle Skirt!  This is the basis for my Ursula costume. It's called Purple Haze and both the skirt and the sparkles are purple!

Tuneband arm band for my iPod. It came with an extender, in case you have huge arms.

Purple Zensah Compression Sleeves. Need I say more?

Black Xersion Running tights from JCP. The ankles have zippers on them so that they can stay tight on your calves/ankles.

Clover is bored of all this running stuff! What else did I get?

Fleece v-neck (bought it on clearance last winter for $2!)

How I Met Your Mother - Season 7

Dean Koontz Books (hopefully not a lot of golden retrievers and Coronas in these two)

Comfy jammies from my mom (every girl needs jammies after running so hard!)

Jeffrey Deaver books

Stephen King Book

 Michael Connelly books (Hello, my name is Amy and I'm a bookworm....)

Neutral Density Filter (for my Nikon D3100) - Use for 'dialing up' or 'dialing down' light

Purple Sweater #1

Purple Sweater #2 (The 90s came back and brought me a sweater!) Yes, boys and girls - it's an open-weave crochet sweater. Wear something under it, please.

Fun nightshirt

Fun socks (the black argyle ones are knee-high socks)

Suede boots that acutally FIT over my huge calves! (That's what the socks are for!)

Big ol' Special Dark candy bar from Mom (to be enjoyed, while wearing jammies, after my run!)

 Our 2012 Annual Disney Vacation Christmas Ornament. Bet ya didn't see this coming, right?

Mickey Snowman says Merry Christmas!

Can you see the other two Mickey ornaments on my tree?