Saturday, July 16, 2011

Florida Tax-Free Weekend Returns

According to the Florida Department of Revenue, we will be having another Tax-Free Weekend before school starts (August 22 in Alachua County). 

The Weekend will be August 12th through August14, 2011. 

Please check out THIS link for a list of what is and is not tax-exempt during this time. 

If you have never heard of the Tax free weekend, well, it's a pretty good time to get some deals!  IF you know how to shop a deal.  In and of itself, we will only save 6.25% in Alachua County. I wouldn't leave my house if you gave me a coupon for that.  HOWEVER, stores are big fans of these weekends and will usually entice you to come to their store with GREAT sales.  By combing the great sale with great coupons during the tax-free weekend, you can leave the mall with some great deals!

And if you have any outlet malls in your area, you can make out like a bandit there too!  I don't have any that are local to me (St. Augustine, Jax, or Orlando are the closest to me), so I stick to JCP or Walmart around here.

If you have questions as to what is and is not included, check out the FAQ on the FL DOR website.

Start saving those pennies, it's time to shop!