Wednesday, October 14, 2015

What's That Smell? (Crown Saga, Part 3)

So, here I am again, in the dentist chair, to get my front teeth worked on. I've already had a deep clean, and a lot of grinding done and have been wearing a temporary crown for three weeks - I should get my new crowns today!

Or not.

Apparently, it wasn't made very clear at my last visit - they weren't sure if #10 tooth would need a root canal, and they didn't want to crown it if a RC was needed.  So, I'm really just here for a continuation of my first crown appointment. Boo.

So, they took off my temporary crowns - which broke when they did it - and laid me back.

Numbed, so I look like a stroke patient
Dr. S checked out my teeth stumps and said that everything looked good and we were ready to proceed with the actual crown process (there was more grinding, but not much).

Such sexy teeth!
After the final shaping was done, it was time for something called Laser Troughing. This would basically burn away a bit of my gums around the tooth, so that it would be easy to get a dry, clean impression for the crowns. 

Because we were working with lasers, they replaced my normal sunglasses with these bangin' Del Boca Vista, Phase 2 style glasses.  Where's my golf cart?

Hey, Morty! Let's go get an Early Bird Special at Bob Evans
Dr. S began troughing away and off-handedly asked "What's that smell?" and instantly replied "Oh, that's you!"  (Burning gums make a smell. A bad one.)

Once that was over, it was time to make in impression of my teeth and my bite. I was given a flat stick with a bunch of pink goo on it, which got shoved into my mouth, then smeared all over my face. 

I'm here to get crowns and chew bubble gum... oh, that's not bubble gum.

An even better shot of that wonderful facefull of goo
I'm not really sure of WHY they needed to smear it all over my face, but it sure does look funny.

Anyway, once the impression was made, they repeated the process with some blue goo.  After the blue goo, we picked colors for my teeth - it was suggested that I whiten the rest of my teeth, but that is SO the least of my worries in the long haul, we stuck with matching what I've got now. My color is a mix of C2 and C3 (I know that means nothing to you).

Once colors were chosen, Cassie made a new set of temporary crowns for me (a much better set, too, than the first ones) and I was on my way back to work.

NOW, in three weeks, I'll have my for-real permanent crowns!