Monday, February 6, 2012

Check Out This Fine Piece of Machinery

I bought a Tony Little Gazelle back in 0’long time ago.  Long enough ago that Wal-Mart had Layaway all year round, but after 2004…  I didn’t use it much. It travelled to my mom’s house, in a trade with a Total Gym.  About a year later, the Gazelle came back. The Total Gym somehow stayed.  I tried again to use the Gazelle, but frankly, it’s boring. I didn’t enjoy using, so eventually it turned into a place to hang clothes and stuff.

At some point in this journey, I began debating purchasing a treadmill, but I didn’t want it to become another Gazelle. I researched them online and priced them out. Drooled over them when I saw them at Wal-Mart or Sears. Kept the idea of getting one in the back of my mind. Went about my life being fat and unhappy, as I have for a long time.

By the beginning of the year, treadmills – of course – were everywhere! I was seeing treadmills for under $400, such a bargain!  I thought and thought and thought and thought (can you tell I over-think things?) and decided on a specific treadmill, but was going to wait until we got our tax refund to buy it. A few days later, we got our annual escrow refund from Wells Fargo and it was enough to cover the treadmill, so I pulled up the internet, intent on buying THAT treadmill. 

THAT treadmill was gone. 

I ended up buying my second choice, a Gold’s Gym treadmill that came with 2lb hand weights (whatever) and was only $377.  Since hubby works with Wal-Mart, we got 10% off! I think it came to around $350 when it was said and done.  Now I had to wait for it to come to the store. They said it would take about 2 weeks.  

While I waited for the treadmill, my daughter and I began our foray into the world of walk/running.  We headed to the track at a local middle school with mp3 players and a stopwatch.  Day 1 of JG’s conditioning program ended up being too easy for us, so we upped the running to 15 seconds every minute.  After the workout, we felt good, not too much pain, and headed home.  We did days 2, 3 and 4 the same way.

The first Friday after we began training, our treadmill showed up. A friend of mine came over to help me pick it up. In exchange, I gave him the old Gazelle and an old chest freezer we recently replaced with an upright version.  We loaded both of those into his truck, took them to his house and unloaded them. Then we got the treadmill, loaded it into his truck, brought it to my house and unloaded it.

I skipped my run that day – I was EXHAUSTED!

The next day, the three of us put the treadmill together and moved it into the corner of my bedroom. I can see the TV, I have a fan to blow on me and a light to shine on me (since the corner is pretty dark). 

I am super happy to finally have a treadmill and I look forward to using it all the time!