Monday, April 22, 2013

Who Remembers that little dentist from Alias?

My second dentist appointment was today. After such an easy procedure last time, I stupidly made this appointment for the morning – I mean, if I am going to be recovering from getting teeth pulled, I might as well get paid for it while I’m at work!  This plan backfired drastically…
One of my FAVORITE Steve Martin roles of all time!
I took J to work at 7, then came home to get ready. I didn’t know how long the appointment would take, but I remembered that I wouldn’t be able to eat much afterward, so I made a protein shake with protein powder, milk and Ovaltine.  I figured that it would keep me full for a while.

I got to my appointment and got numbed up.  We were taking out the two on the left today, and very early on, we all realized that these two would be a hell of a lot harder than the right two!   The top left wasn’t TOO horrible, but for the bottom one, I had to get more Novocain, and I had to put in my ears and put on my shades because he was pulling out something called a burr.  Basically, he couldn’t get a grip on my teeth, so he had to grind a hole in them or something so that he could pull them out.  I could not shut off my imagination, and came up with some gruesome visuals for what was going on in my mouth.

E...M... E...T...I...B...  - Now Reverse It
 Finally, after an hour, both teeth had been extracted. 
Yes, I hurt as bad as I look!
Again, he gave me a prescription for Lortab. I didn’t make another appointment to come back because I wasn’t sure when I would be able to. I have to pay off the extractions first before I come back.  I don’t have any extractions left, but now it’s time to do fillings and crowns – a.k.a. the expensive parts.

As I did last time, I took my prescription to Wal-Mart to get filled, but I left it there so that hubby could pick it up after work (I still had the first bottle from two weeks ago in my purse).

Once I was safely tucked in my office at work, I took a pain pill.  I figured that it would last most of the afternoon, and be pretty much worn off by the time I needed to drive home. I had chicken soup (broth only) for lunch, and some Belgian Chocolate Talenti Gelato. After all this running, I felt guilty eating half a pint of gelato, but I didn’t have much of an option!

Later in the day, I had a vanilla snack pack, but I began to feel dizzy, and vertigo was setting in. It was really weird!  I figured it was because I was hungry, but wondered if it was the meds.  I was still in a lot of pain, so I decided to take another pill at 2.

Once I was home, dinner was again “Own Thing”. I made a can of Clam Chowder (New England, of course), and, feeling nauseated and extremely sleepy, I headed to bed by 7pm.