Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I feel left out...

I knew this day was coming, and still I am caught by surprise on how I feel.

Remember, on the bus to the race, Hubby told me that I "couldn't do any more of these" until we fixed the roof?  Well, we haven't gotten a new roof. YET. We are on the roofer's calendar for the end of June. However, that roof is slated to cost $5,500 PLUS wood, if they need to replace any (which they will). So, I have resigned myself to the fact that PHM 2014 will not be on my calendar. I've looked into other halfs that I want to do, and I thought that I would be fine with that.

I'm not.

Annual Passholders were able to sign up for PHM 2014 early, on June 6th. That day also happened to be my 17th wedding anniversary. Luckily, I was very busy at work, and then we all went out for dinner, so the majority of my attention was diverted from other princesses signing up.

I told myself yesterday that I would avoid the Princess Posse Facebook page today because of all the "I registered!" posts, but couldn't. So, now I'm depressed. I feel like a kid who is watching everyone else get to go on a field trip, but I have to stay home with the measles.

On the up-side, the Glass Slipper Challenge, which I really wanted to do when I heard that they added a 10k to the mix, is already 95% full (at 4pm on June 11th), so soon it will be sold out and I can feel better knowing that I am not doing it because it is sold out (rather than not being able to do it because of money).

Maybe I'll go down and volunteer to be a Screaming Fan or work at a water station. I can still enjoy the energy of the weekend and be a part of it.

I started running to do the Princess Half Marathon, but somewhere along the way I realized that I LIKE running (well, interval running!), and I want to do more races. I hold a special place in my heart for PHM, much like a woman does for the first man she ever loved. 

Hopefully, I will be able to sign up for the Space Coast Half Marathon (December), Celebration Half Marathon (January 2014) and/or the Gasparilla Distance Classic Weekend (end of February 2014) to fill that void.