Saturday, October 26, 2013

Celebrating Celebration at Disney!

Full of sugar and cake, where were we headed next?  Disney, of course!!! We started at the Magic Kingdom, so I could get my fix of “Halloween at Disney.” 

Let The Memories Begin
Where do they sell these? I want one!
We stopped by Town Hall Theater so that the Kiddo could see the new Talking Mickey. She wasn’t all that impressed. I thought it was cool….

He did a card trick with The Kiddo first
I know that we rode at least one ride between this and lunch but I didn’t take any photos, and I cannot for the life of me remember, so let’s just head to lunch – I’m hungry again, anyway!

Lunch was Columbia Harbor House. Hubby wasn’t as hungry as I was, so he kind of just went along for the ride. 

I love sitting upstairs, it’s so much quieter and less hectic than the ground floor.  We can usually always find a good spot (which for us is a big table with room to spread out, either with chairs or the benches). This time, we got one of the benches that is tucked away in an alcove above the ordering stations.

Hello, all you people who don't know I'm up here!
I’ve learned over the past few trips that 1) Disney meals are huge, 2) I normally cannot eat all of my meal and 3) if you order just the entrée (without fries or anything), you can save $2 per meal.  The family just has to get used to the fact that I will steal 10 fries from each of them!  I got an “entrée-only” order of fish ($5.99) and the Kiddo got the shrimp meal ($9.99).  This comes out to two “Fish & Shrimp” meals for $7.99 each. Since they don’t sell this meal on the menu, it’s a bigger plus for each of us. I LOVE the shrimp here – they are big and plump, and if they cook the fish right, they are light and crispy (sometimes they are soggy, though, and greasy). And always, with my Disney meals, I got a LARGE ice water. Make sure you ask for LARGE, or you will get a small cup!

To let our meal settle, we like to hit up Haunted Mansion.  Today, the line was pretty long, and we pissed off a lot of people who don’t understand that there IS NO SINGLE-FILE LINE!  They are all standing there, and we’re coming up the side by the water, filling up “all available dead space” and we’re getting nasty look after nasty look. I love it! 

It's artsy cuz it's tilted
I always try to take photos in the Haunted Mansion and I never really get lucky. I don’t know why I try, but every once in a while I get lucky…

I'm obsessed with getting a clear photo of this light fixture!
After we escaped the Mansion, we headed to Fantasyland to check out the new Princess Fairytale Hall.  I wanted to get in the line that had Rapunzel and her friend, but the line said it was 60 minutes, and Cinderella’s line was only 30, so we headed to that side.

Regal, but crowded
Inside is gorgeous! Very regal, but very crowded and loud.  All the large portraits of the princess were nice to look at, but the best thing to look at was at the FRONT of the hall, right before you went in to see the princesses – a super-sparkly glass slipper. 

Snow White
This photo does NOT do the sparkle justice!
Once inside, the room is very regal, with heavy drapes and dark woods. Cinderella was very charming and chatty.

There is a set of books between the Cinderella area and the Sleeping Beauty area which pays a nice homage to Snow White (whose ride used to occupy this space).

Cinderella was kind of wandering around after she greeted us
Clear shot of the book
Sleeping Beauty was also very charming, but she’s never been one of my favorites (Hubby loves her though).
Srsly? Those dimples!
After seeing the Princesses, it was time to head out of the park, and make our way to Epcot. Dinner is at Via Napoli!

I love the wood-burning pizza ovens.

And I love even more what comes OUT of those ovens!

Half pepperoni, half Italian spicy sausage (yummy!)
I was pretty tired by now, but the family wanted to ride Test Track, so I found a quiet (well, not so quiet) nook by the exit of the ride – where you view your ride photos – to wait for them.

Certainly not Tushy-Cushy, but I could put my feet up!
Turns out, they walked right past me! I had to stalk them throughout the building to catch them!  I didn’t yell out, because I wanted to see how far they would go before they got the look of “where is she?” They went all the way outside!

It was almost 7 at this point, and I still had to drive home, so we called it a night, piled into the car and headed for home.