Thursday, January 23, 2014

Free? Seriously?

Remember way back when, we put the new roof on the house, and I was finally able to sign up for big races again? I wanted to do PHM, but it was too much money. I can’t remember now if it sold out, or if I just decided to choose another race, but I decided that instead of Princess, I was going to do a Challenge race at the Gasparilla Distance Classic. It’s the same weekend as the Princess, but would be an 8k on Saturday and a 15k on Sunday. Run both and you get three medals.

This morning, my co-worker (we’ll call her Blondie) stopped by my office and asked if I was running any races in the near future. I told her that I was doing Celebration in January and Gasparilla in February. Then she asked if I wanted to do another one.


Turns out, her daughter is injured and can’t run PHM this year, and they passed the deadline for paying to defer to next year. Out of the goodness of her heart, she was offering me a $200 race entry!

Here’s where the stupid came out. I told her that I needed to think about it. I really wanted to do Gasparilla because of it being a new race for me, and lots of bling.  I thought for a while, posted to Facebook, both on my personal page and the Posse page.  Most of the answers on the Posse page were “YES! Duh!” But the one that changed it all was the lady who said that my challenge (the 8k/15k) was sold out.

I went over to the Gasparilla registration page and lo and behold – it was in fact sold out!

Princess Half Marathon, here I come!

So, this girl who only really started running about a year ago, is going to do TWO half-marathons within a month of each other. Did I fall down and hit my head at some point? Who AM I?