Thursday, December 31, 2015

Crack is Whack (Crown, Part 3)

 Here it is, New Year's Eve, and I'm ready to ring in the new year with a shiny new crown!

Wow, a halfway good selfie...
Cassie came in and bibbed me up, then pulled off my temporary crown. Unfortunately, she yanked it off with such force, she cracked it.  Good thing we don't need it anymore!

Dr. S came in and began fitting on my new crown.

Hmmm, he says.

That's not good, he says.

It's not fitting.

He decided to numb me up and try to file my tooth down just a smidge to see if he can get the crown to fit better.

So, once numbed, he starts working on my tooth, then fitting the crown. Filing, fitting. Filing, fitting. Grumbling. Filing. Fitting. Cussing.

Giving up. 

Tiny little tooth nubbin

Somehow the cast was off, or the lab screwed up or something. Dr. S said he thought that the lab made it wrong. 

So, there's no new tooth for me this year.  I had to have the temporary crown put back on.

Oh, wait, Cassie cracked it!

Fun, I get to do another round of castings for the temporary crown and permanent crown.

Casting it again
Once the temporary was made, Cassie fit it back on, I made an appointment for January 29th and I headed home.

Happy new year everyone!