Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Traditional Basil Chicken Rotini - Homemade(ish)

So, after having both a Marie Callender's and a Healthy Choice version of those Steamer meals, I had a revelation - why can't I do something like this?  So I kept the bowl and did some cooking over the weekend.

I made some Rotini, cooked to al dente and put serving size portions in small Ziploc snack bags.  I marinated (in Italian Dressing) and grilled two chicken breasts, then chopped up and put into baggies as well.

I tucked a jar of Classico Traditional Basil sauce in with the bowl, a bag of pasta and a bag of chicken when i went to work today.

I am now eating my experiment, and I have to say that it is pretty good! Granted, the sauce is too chunky for my taste, so i won't use Classico again, but the chicken is still moist and the pasta is just about perfect.

Here's how I did it:

I put the pasta in the bowl that I kept from Healthy Choice and added some water.  I opened the baggie with the chicken in it, and cooked them both in the microwave for about 2 minutes.  I took them out, and then dumped some sauce into a mug that I took from my office.  Heated that to my liking then took it all back to my desk.

Prepared Pasta and Baggie of Grilled Chicken
I dumped in the chicken, then the sauce and stirred it all around. After adding a packet of Parm Cheese from our last Pizza Day, the finished product looks like this:

The Completed Meal - Grilled chicken on Rotini with Tomato Basil Sauce!
I would consider this experiment a success, as it tastes WAY better than the other two meals I've gotten out of a bowl like this! Much cheaper, too!  Probably healthier, as well, but I didn't really check.  I plan on trying Alfredo next! It would be great with this chicken.

Five out of Five Whatevers!