Monday, January 10, 2011

Healthy Choice Honey Ginger Chicken

I remember like 10 or 15 years ago when Healthy Choice was the leader in GOOD TASTING healthy food. The french bread pizzas were always in my freezer. The fettuccine was creamy and yummy. The meals were worth the price you paid for them.

They aren't anymore.

I had "liked" HC on Facebook and ended up getting some BoGo Qs for their frozen entrees.  This week, HC frozen entrees are 3/$5 at Publix, so I used my Qs.

I should have burned them to heat my home instead. Would have been more beneficial, I think, in the long run.

Today, I am trying the Healthy Choice Honey Ginger Chicken Select Entree.  310 calories.  Weighing in at a whopping 8.5oz (barely half a pound here).

Now, you know it's a bad sign when you open the box and you can see the bottom of the little microwave tray through the food (that means there isn't a lot of food there).  Still, I cut the slit, heated, stirred and heated again.  Before stirring, I took the time to get rid of approximately 75% of the metric TON of carrots and peppers and mushrooms that was hiding the OUNCE of chicken.

I'm now at my desk and eying this gross little tray of food.  There is about 6 slices of chicken, lots of carrots, red peppers, peas and mushrooms in the dish (if you like that).

There is a very odd under-flavor to the 'sauce'.  I think perhaps there is too much ginger and not enough honey?  It *wants* to be sweet so bad, but it can't get there.

HOWEVER, I have to note one positive:  THE CHICKEN FEELS AND TASTES LIKE REAL CHICKEN, not like that nasty fake pressed chicken that you see a lot.

Too bad the flavor is just so bad. I just can't eat it, so it's looking like it will be soup and vending machine back-up lunch for me today.

It gets ZERO out of five whatevers.  I would run the other way if I saw this coming down the street at me.

It's just that bad.