Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Welp, that went fast

After doing the Princess last year, and volunteering at WDW marathon weekend this year, I was really psyched to sign up for my next Disney race. I wanted to try the Wine & Dine Half-Marathon in November 2014. It’s the 5th anniversary of this race, so I thought it would be a good idea.

Annual Passholders (and I think DVC members) were able to register early, on February 27th. I was still broke at that point, so I wasn’t able to register early. I knew that general registration would open on March 4th (yesterday) so I had some time to figure out where to get $200 from.

It was depressing to watch the internet running community all abuzz with “I got in!” posts and whatnot, but I held my breath, thinking that I had plenty of time to sign up (I think with the 2013 Princess, it didn’t sell out until August or something like that…)

So, on March 4th, I went online and filled out the registration and continued to go through until I got to the payment page (I wanted to see what the cost would be). It was going to cost $187.  I decided that I would take the money out of the Kiddo’s savings account (I stash ‘other’ money there so it’s more difficult to get to), but I wanted to talk to the family first.

At home, I told hubby that I was thinking of doing that, and he seemed to be fine with it (I of course, would pay it back).

So, I got to work today, and when I finally had a chance to get on the internet and go try to sign up….

It was sold out.

Yep, I missed my chance to run an anniversary race, and a really cool medal to go with it.

Oh, well…

I guess I’ll take that $187 and roll it forward to the WDW Marathon Weekend half-marathon in 2015.  It’s the anniversary of Goofy, but I’m not crazy enough to do THAT race!