Friday, February 28, 2014

Prepare thyself... to vanquish the Green Monster!

I signed up today for my next race!!

I'm going to be doing my first 15k - The Gate River Run in Jacksonville FL.

2014 Logo
It is supposedly REALLY hard - you have TWO bridges to cross, over the St. John's River in downtown Jacksonville.

The first bridge is the Main Street Bridge, comes after Mile 1:

Main Street Bridge, Downtown (Jacksonville Landing is behind it)
The second bridge - dubbed The Green Monster - comes at the END of the race, when you are tired and ready to be done:

The Green Monster - The Hart Bridge - Leading towards Jaguar Stadium and the finish line
The Green Monster climbs to 184 feet above water level! (For reference, Cinderella Castle's top spire is 189 feet from the ground).

Here is the route:

Lots of water stations! Not TOO crazy of a route...
I can't wait to do this one!