Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Marie Callender's Fresh Flavor Steamers - Smoky Mac & Uncured Bacon

Here is the description from Marie Callender's website.

How can you go wrong with pasta, bacon and cheese?  I like all of those things.

I don't really like this. The cheese comes out nice and it tastes good, I'll give it that much.

Whoever thought that UNCURED bacon was actually BACON was a doofus.  I believe uncured bacon is called pork belly. And pork belly is NOT bacon. This feels like shredded bits of pork that are left in the bottom of the pan after making dinner, and they got all stringy and dry. Not too tasty.

The pasta is cooked well, though, since it's a steamer basket thingy.  I like corkscrew noodles and use them a lot at home.

However, what ruins it for me - and remember, I'm a weirdo that has food issues - are the little limp slivers of scallions and chives floating around in there. They are not substantial enough to chew (or get rid of with your fork), and not small enough to escape down my throat undetected. I feel like I'm eating seaweed or wet grass. Not appealing to me.

Also, it's BLAND!  Something with the words "Smoky" and "Bacon" should be robust and full of flavor. It's not.

All in all, if I had a Hungry Man and this in the freezer (which until an hour ago, I DID), I would choose the Hungry Man.  I'm glad that I have soup in my desk in case I get hungry later.

1 out of 5 whatevers.
I'd eat it if there was nothing else, but I won't buy it again.