Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Training Part TWO

After the MoD walk, I learned something important - KEEP MOVING!  Did you know that if you go from walking 8.6 miles to sitting on the couch you will get sore muscles?  I didn't!  I made the mistake of going home and curling up on the couch with my lunch.  when I stood up, I thought I was broken!

This made Sunday even worse!  My legs felt like tree trunks when I got out of bed and my butt muscles (used for climbing those damn hills) were in so much pain, I leaned left and right when I walked. I was making myself seasick just walking around the grocery store! But, I think walking around on Sunday helped and by Monday, I was 'generally sore', which I equated to 'not as bad as how I feel after Disney, but worse than how I feel after treadmill.'

I worked late Monday, which I plan for, so I didn't have any training, but yesterday (Tuesday) was the first day of the Couch - to - 5k program.  I was to run 30 seconds and walk 90 seconds for a total of 20 minutes. I warmed up with a walk for about 4 minutes, then did my 20 minutes and gladly got off.  However, I can see why lots of people suggest the walk/run combo.  When I walk, I can do a 20 minute mile. Just with the 30/90, I did an 18mm!  I can only get faster from here!

On a different note, when I began this whole process, I made a note on my training calendar to reward myself with something when I finished the first 8 weeks. It turned out that the MoD walk was the final day of that training.  No, the MoD walk wasn't my reward!  But now, I have to decide what I want as my reward - a Garmin running watch or new sneakers?  I'm leaning towards the Garmin because it's techy and I like new toys, but I really should get running gear. Any suggestions?

There is one piece of running gear that I did buy today - a RunDisney tech tee!  It's new at the Disney Store online and I debated getting it (why spend $30 on a tee when I can get another one like I have now at JCP for $12?), but then I got an email today that the Disney Store had a 25% off promo code for TODAY only to celebrate their 25th anniversary. I decided to get it, and it's on it's way to my office, along with a cute little magnet.

$29.95 (Also available for men)
$7.95 (Also available for 26.2)
I can't wait to wear the tee next time I walk and I think the magnet will go on the fridge next to the dinner menu so that I don't overindulge on ice cream!

That's all for now. Just wanted to check in and let you know how my recovery was going.  Tonight is another off night, so I'm going to get some laundry done, some dishes done and hit the sack early! Well, after a hot shower and Jeopardy!