Saturday, April 7, 2012

My Saturday trip to the mall

I was going to the mall so that I could go to Fit 2 Run and get my new sneakers. Halfway to the mall, I realized that I was wearing Teva sandals and forgot my sneakers! DOH! I went anyway and discovered two things - 1) they have about 4 treadmills to check you out on and 2) I'm still too fat to fit into any clothing they carry.  The largest size I saw was LARGE.  I'm not there yet, so I didn't even bother to keep looking at everything they had. I saw SPIbelts and GU, which I'm discovering as I research running, but I didn't buy anything.

After Fit, I went down to Bath and Body Works to grab a few deals and freebies - I had a Q for a FREE mini shower gel or body lotion and an internet Q for a free sleeve when you purchased a hand soap.  I got all three of these for $5.83!  What a deal.

I successfully avoided pizza, chicken nuggets, chinese food and french fries at the food court, Auntie Anne's AND Cinnabon on my way back to JCP.  WIN!

My trip to JCP was two-fold:  try on some smaller-sized clothing and purchase a new item for training. I pulled a Misses (not WOMENS) size 18 slim-leg trouser, a few XL tops, a 16w jean and a size 16 dress.  The result of these choices really blew me away!  Both XL tops fit - as long as I didn't eat or breathe.  Considering I've purchased the same brand/style top in a 2X, I consider this a huge win. Also, considering I'm retaining a Volkswagen, thanks to my time of the month.  After a few more weeks of walking/running, I'll be back to buy that shirt!  The slim-leg pants fit perfectly, and they were on clearance for $8, so I put them in the pile to buy. The jeans WERE TOO BIG IN THE LEGS!!!  I pulled them on and they pooched out like jodhpurs! I did a little happy dance, then took them off.  Finally, I put on the dress... I've shied away from dresses pretty much all my adult life because of my belly.  I'm an apple gal, and just about every dress I've ever tried on makes me look 6 months pregnant. Empire waists are the WORST! The waist is between big boobs and big tummy, bleck! This dress however, was just about perfect.  It was a deep v-neck, with a ruched waist and a faux belt in the front. It hit at just the right leg area and made me look pretty. The reason it fit so nicely?  All the walking and running was whittling away my fat tummy!

So, why didn't I buy it?  Well, it was $35, which is never a huge sum of money, but it felt too fancy for work and not really anything I'd wear out on the (very) rare occasions that we go out to dinner. I figured that, while it made me feel good, it would be a waste of money.  I decided that I'd rather spend that money elsewhere. I put everything except the pants back (and 2 sweaters that were super-clearanced to $4 each, that I was going to stash away for Christmas 2012 for myself), and headed over to the Activewear Section!

It was only my 2nd time in this section of the store and it all was still so new to me. Mesh tees, tech tees, yoga pants, what is all this?  However, I knew that I wanted another tech tee like I already have and a pair of compression pants. Maybe if I have compression, I will have less jiggle!  I ended up with an aqua tech tee, a gorgeous purple tee that says it 'actively cools' you (we'll see) and a grey pair of compression capris, all pretty much for the cost of the dress. (Okay, maybe like $10 more than the dress...) I paid for all my goodies and headed out the door, satisfied with my purchases. I couldn't wait to wear them tomorrow!