Friday, May 11, 2012

Not running alone this time

After going home and telling hubby that I was going to run the FAM Fest next weekend, my DD asked if it was something that she could do with me. I promised that I'd check the age restrictions and, if she was old enough, I'd sign her up.

Sure enough, I didn't see any sort of age restrictions to this race, so I signed her up!  Now I'll be doing my second 5k, she'll be doing her first, and my mom got stuck sitting on the sidelines alone.  Kind of sucks, but we're taking her to lunch afterwards for a late Mother's Day, so that's good.

Also, my new friend Betty will be there. She's the gal I met at Susie's Run last month.  I'm sure we'll pass each other here and there during the course of the race!