Thursday, May 10, 2012

...So I signed up for another race!

Since my feet were still in pretty good shape after a weekend at Disney, I debated with myself whether or not I wanted to sign up for another race.

What I did want was a Garmin Forerunner watch!  I've been wanting one since I began this whole thing, but I could never find a deal.  On Monday, I got lucky!  Amazon had the Forerunner (no heart rate monitor) for $159.99. had them for $147.88 or something like that.  Hubby works at Walmart and we get a 10% discount in stores AND online.  I also had $30 worth of gift cards from MyPoints and rebates, so final price for this awesome watch?  $115 shipped to me at work!!!  What a deal!
Garmin Forerunner 110 without Heart Rate Monitor
However, to allow myself to get the watch, I told myself I had to sign up for a race (yes, I bribed myself), so I signed up for the 3rd Annual FAM Fest 5k in Lake City, FL. My mom lives in Lake City, so I figured she could watch my DD while they both cheered me on from the sidelines. 
Go HERE to learn more or HERE to sign up!

The race benefits Haven Hospice (our North Florida chapter), and Haven is one of my favorite charities, so it's a win-win!

I didn't get a run in on Monday, because it was a non-training day - I work late on Mondays 2x a month, so it's easier to make Mondays an off day. 

On Tuesday, I was set to do a quickie treadmill run, but Hubby wanted me to help him buy something online:  new iPod Touches for both of us!  He told me that his Sansa mp3 player was dying and wanted to replace it. After looking online, again at Walmart, he found an 8g iPod Touch (4th Gen) with free 6pc Accessory kit for only $184.99!  So, we talked ourselves into buying them - one for Mother's Day and one for Father's Day. With our discount, they came out to $166 plus tax, free shipping to my office! 

I was determined to get in a run, so all day on Wednesday, I geared myself up for the treadmill.  I ended up doing 20 minutes, but I didn't feel all that into it and it wasn't a very satisfying run....

Hopefully I'll get out of this funk before the FAM next weekend!