Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sparkle Skirts

So, I finally ran my 10k, which means that I finally get to pick out my Sparkle Skirt!!!

I fell in love with the Purple Haze when I tried it on at the Tower of Terror Expo back in September, but I saw a teal version of the Peacock on a friend of mine in St Augustine, and I was really torn as to which skirt i wanted.  I wanted the Haze because I can use it in my Ursula costume for the Princess, but the Peacock was just so damn pretty!

I emailed links to both skirts to hubby so that he could order my Purple Haze skirt and jokingly said, "if you are feeling generous, I want the peacock one, too."

Peacock Bordeau - it's more blue purple than the picture

He told me to go ahead and order both of them and pay with his credit card! I end up getting both Sparkle Skirts.  He said that Purple Haze is my reward for doing the 10k and the Peacock is motivation to keep training for the Princess. Then he joked that he's not buying any more!  That's okay - I'm happy with two - for now.....

Purple Haze - Purple tech fabric with sequins

Now I just have to figure out how to make tentacles and attach them to my Sparkle Skirt....