Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Can I do it? Will I do it?

I just realized something the other day… I’ve done a race per month this year so far (January, February and March)….  What if…. Just what if…. I did one race per month for the whole year? 

I bet I could do it…. I already have ¼ of the year done, and I know of three more concrete Must Do races…

Here is what I ended up with, when I put it all down and found an April race:

January – Celebration ½ Marathon (DONE)
February – Princess ½ Marathon (DONE)
March – Gate River Run (DONE)
April – Equal Access 5k (Registered)
May –
June – Stop Drop and Run 5k (Must Do)
July – Melon Run (Must Do)
August –
September –
October – Jacksonville Marine Corps ½ Marathon (Really want to do, but not signed up yet)
November - ?? St Augustine 10k or ½ Marathon (unsure which one to do)
December –

I wonder if I can actually do this?  August worries me – it’s hot and there’s usually not a lot of races in that month here in Florida… and I don’t want to do a virtual race. I want to do a real race.

Off to stalk!