Friday, April 18, 2014

I Vant to Suck Your Blood (Pt 1 of my Three-Part Pulmonology Adventure!)

Today was Part 1 of my fun, three-part pulmonology adventure!  The boring stuff!

First off, labwork.  I originally scheduled my labwork to be done at a lab near my home, but then I realized that the place I had to go to for my x-ray was way across town, I rescheduled my labwork for the other lab, near the imaging place.  Much better!

It was busy when I got there, but I think I only waited about 10 minutes for my name to be called (I was also early).  The lady who drew my blood was masterful. I hate getting blood drawn – the draining feeling is too weird… But she talked the whole time and never gave me that “okay, 3…2…1….” warning which was good because she just stuck me while I wasn’t paying attention and she was done before I even realized she stuck me! I complimented her on that, and she says that, even when a patient requests a countdown, she usually sticks on 2 because they aren’t expecting it!

After that, I had to figure out where the x-ray place was. I’d forgotten their address and I couldn’t get any wireless on my iPod.  I sat in the car, trying to use the Garmin to find it, when I happened to look up and across the street…. Yep. It was literally across the street from where I was now!

So, in I go and I was seen pretty quickly.  And I was x-rayed pretty quickly, too. Maybe a bit too quickly.  The tech told me where to stand and to count to 3 and take a huge deep breath. Well, I got to 3, and hadn’t even taken a breath when she took the x-ray!

I waited in the lobby for my films (the letter from the pulmonologist said that I needed the films) and then I was free to go. (Good thing too, I was getting hungry! I had to fast for the bloodwork, so I’d not eaten since dinner the night before!)

Once finished, it was time for lunch.  A few days ago, I began debating what I wanted to do for lunch, and both Red Robin and Red Lobster crossed my mind. Thanks to the Intarwebz, I was able to check nutritional values for each.

Red Robin is calorie hell, y’all.  Like, seriously 1000 calories for a cheeseburger kind of hell.  That doesn’t include the FRIES either!

So, I checked out Red Lobster and decided that if I got the Pick 2 meal, I would be okay:  Fried scallops, shrimp scampi, baked potato with sour cream and butter AND 2 biscuits, all for I think 800 calories! 

So, that’s what I ordered. I forgot it came with a salad, so I did have a few more calories, but here’s the awesome part – I ate some of the salad!

You know my picky eating issues… I’m trying to overcome them and try something new when I can. Today I decided to try some of the lettuce. I was able to eat it, with some dressing (but not drenched!).  I think I ended up eating 4 or 5 pieces before I gave up, but I did it!  Also, I didn’t pig out on biscuits even though the server brought three (instead of two).  The meal wasn’t as good as I was hoping, but ironically the potato was excellent!

After that, unfortunately, I had to go back to work.

Next up… Pulmonary Function Tests!