Monday, April 28, 2014

Follow Up Ultrasound

Today was my 6-month follow-up to see if the growth in my breast was getting bigger.  If you recall, back in October, they found a “something” in my breast that wasn’t a cyst, but wasn’t a lump. They were 99% sure that it was a fibroadenoma or something equally benign, but they wanted to follow up with me to make sure.

I got there on time and didn’t have to wait very long. I got half-nekkid in a changing room and was taken directly to the ultrasound room. I thought that I was going to have to have a repeat mammogram, but nope, just the ultrasound!

Not only did I only get an ultrasound, it was only of the right side.  She propped me up on the cool wedge pillow, gooed me up with lube and checked me out, then took the results to the doc.

She came back about 5 minutes later and told me that whatever it was (we still had no idea for certain), it was getting SMALLER!  Cancer never gets smaller (well it does, I guess, when it’s going away, I dunno).  She said that the doc was no longer worried about this at all, but to make sure sure sure, I would come back in another 6 months for yet another ultrasound. 

With a weight lifted from my shoulders, I got dressed and headed off to work, with a quick pitstop at Publix for some lunch.