Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Lazy Go Club Level - Day 2

Did you miss Day 1?  Check it out here!!

We woke up early, and headed down to Roaring Fork for breakfast, then brought it back up to the Lounge to eat.  Hubby and the Kiddo both got a croissant breakfast sandwich, but it wasn’t the same as the one they got at All Star Music earlier this year.  That one had scrambled eggs and was made to order; this one had a folded egg, and was premade. It also came with hash brown potatoes, which neither of them like (so, waste of money, there.)

Croissant with folded egg, bacon and shredded cheese, and hash browns
I ordered the Bounty Platter, as I LOVE breakfast!
Pancakes, Biscuit, Sausage, Bacon, Eggs and Hash Browns
I forgot to grab salt while I was downstairs, so one of the CL CMs went and got the cutest little salt shaker I’ve ever seen for me. Just so I can salt my taters and eggs.

I'd need 5 of these for popcorn - it is so small!
We also got OJ, more chocolate milk and a few pastries to supplement our meal.  So yummy!

Borden chocolate milk, OJ and Cinnamon Rolls/Danish
After a longish stop back in the room to load up our pockets for the day, it was snack time at the lounge, so we loaded up on snacks too! Chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies,  chips and gummie bears! 

Sugar cookies with Sprinkles (soft, buttery and yummy!)
Chocolate Chip Cookie
House-Made Chips
Gummie Bears
We took them out to the bus stop, and waited for an Animal Kingdom bus.

I'll see YOU later!
I was in the mood for a safari.

Hey, this tree looks tasty......
Mommy and Baby
Eventually, as we usually do, we made our way over to the Magic Kingdom – it was all decked out in its Halloween garb!   

Signage for MNSSHP


We rode Big Thunder, Haunted Mansion and the People Mover, but decided to call it a day soon after that – tomorrow would be a very busy and LONG day, we needed to rest up for it!

Hubby and The Kiddo always hold hands on BTMRR
I sit behind them and take photos!
Almost as pretty as real bluffs!
On the way out, we were reminded again that tonight was a Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party night.....
 This was pretty scary to me!

I never got to see the front.....