Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Lazy Go Club Level - Day 7 and after

Oh, I see - you are the kind of person who likes to jump to the end of a book to see how the story ends, and then start from the beginning. Well, go check out these links to get back to the beginning of my story!

We were all exhausted from our long night at MNSSHP, so it didn’t take very long for any of us to fall asleep.

However, at about 3 a.m., I was awakened by the sound of my daughter throwing up in the bathroom. My first sleep-induced thought was that she had eaten too much candy and junk food, and her tummy was revolting. I had a weak stomach growing up, so I’m no stranger to midnight puke parties.

But she kept going…..

Finally, she was done, and she called me in to the bathroom for help.

Help with what, you ask?

In her haste to get to the bathroom in time so that she didn’t soil the bed, she did not have enough time to LIFT THE LID of the toilet. Apparently, after Mousekeeping cleaned the room, they put the toilet seat down, and The Kiddo either wasn’t awake enough to realize it was down, or didn’t have time to lift it.  So, needless to say (and I won’t describe it for you), the bathroom was a mess. 

Still more asleep than awake, not thinking that we are staying in a room that cost $500+ a night, that comes with concierge service and a whole slew of Mousekeepers, I told her to run hot water in the tub and start trying to clean up, that I would come help her.

I started really waking up then, and realizing just how bad it was and that there was no way that a hotel guest, armed with a few washcloths and towels, could possibly clean this up.  I called Mousekeeping, and they sent up a cute little guy (he must have been only 22!) to clean.  I felt SO guilty that this poor guy had to clean up this mess (again, big mess – not gonna describe it to you, but if you have kids, you KNOW what they are capable of).  I got the Kiddo tucked back into bed, and I curled up next to her while Mousekeeper Bob was cleaning.  He must have been in there for almost a half-hour before finally coming out.  He told me that he got everything that he could, but that a new shower curtain would be installed tomorrow (well, later that day) because he couldn’t get that clean. Ew. I thanked him profusely and then crawled back into my bed after he left.

An hour later, there is a knock on the door – it’s the same guy! He asked if Kiddo had been sick again, and we called for Mousekeeping again, because apparently he was told to come back. It was probably a fluke in their computer system. I thanked him again, and went back to sleep.

I think the Kiddo went in one more time that night and was sick again, but I could be misremembering.  Morning came way too soon, and she seemed to be feeling a lot better, if not achy and tired.  We wrote it off as an icky tummy from all the food and candy and whatnot that we’d been eating the past 6 days.

We packed our bags, so sad that it was our last day, and had a bellman take our luggage and store it for us (he even took our “cold” bag and stored it in a special cooler room – we didn’t want our MNSSHP candy to melt or our drinks to get hot before we headed home).

The Kiddo was draggin’ when we hit up Magic Kingdom, walking really slow. I figured that she was probably out of energy since she had thrown up all the food in her system (now that I think about it, I don’t know if she even got any chocolate milk from the Lounge!). She didn’t want to do anything like Tea Cups or Big Thunder, because she said she still felt kind of sick, so we let her decide what we’d do before lunch. We did Jungle Cruise, then she wanted to do Tiki Room. While we waited at Tiki, she ended up plopping down on the floor with my iPod until it was time for the show. 

After Tiki Room, it was time for our last ADR – lunch at Liberty Tree Tavern. It was our first trip here, and we were looking forward to a ‘Thanksgiving’ dinner for lunch.

We were seated in the Washington room, at the first table closest to the entrance. There were a few other families there, but it didn’t feel crowded in there. This is good. 

Always get water! It's free, and Disney is HOT!
We all sat down, and immediately the Kiddo put her head down on the table, like she was going to take a nap.  The waitress came by to take our drink order and saw that the Kiddo was sleepy. I said that I thought that she was feeling icky because she was sick the night before and had thrown up.  The waitress mentioned that there was some sort of bug (dun Dun DUN!) going around, and lots of kids were getting sick.  I kept telling the Kiddo to drink her Coke (yes, real Coke) so that she could get some sugar back in her bloodstream, as well as caffeine. She’d sip a bit, but then put her head back down on her arm. At this point, I’m beginning to wonder if she IS sick, not just tired from the trip and the candy and the puking….

We all ordered our meals, and I requested that the Kiddo’s meal came out as soon as possible – we ordered her a kid’s meal with soup, because as you know, chicken soup fixes everything, right?

Our meals came, and it all looked SO GOOD! Three huge slices of turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, veggies and even stuffing! 
The stuffing is hidden under the mass of turkey and gravy
The kiddo’s meal came with mac & cheese (a la Stouffer’s) and some funky looking chicken soup. I tried to get her to keep eating at least the soup, while the waitress came by to check on us again, and again she told us about The Bug. Stop it, lady! I’m starting to get really worried here!

She was able to take tiny bites of food while the two of us were able to finish our meal and order dessert – THIS is why we booked this reservation! Look at how beautiful it is…

For me, Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake - a cake with chocolate chips, topped with ice cream, hot fudge, caramel and toffee chips.  Wait – a WARM cake! 

For Hubby, Martha Washington Cake - chocolate layer cake with chocolate icing and whipped cream. 

I took my first bite and fell in love with this dessert. WHY is this not available anywhere else? I offered a bite to Hubby, who did the Eyeroll. I then offered a bite to the Kiddo, but I got a very different reaction.

Yep, that’s right – more pukemanity, right at the table… There was no “oh, I think I’m going to puke again”, no “uh, oh, I don’t feel well”, she just let her puke flag fly.  Luckily (unluckily?), she didn’t have a whole lot in her to begin with, so there was no craziness like this morning, but I was up and out of my seat in a flash, going to her side of the table to comfort her.  Our waitress saw what happened, and sent a manager over to us.

He first asked me what had happened, but I just freaking LOST IT! I got about 2 words out and then turned into a blubbering idiot that couldn’t string a sentence together. He didn’t even try to get me to calm down, but instead swung from me to Hubby and asked him what happened. I think that is probably the smartest thing a Manager could know how to do! He wanted the full story and ain’t nobody got time for a hysterical mother. 

He requested a cast member with a wheelchair come get us, and our waitress comped the Kiddo’s meal and beverage, so by the time we packed up our stuff and paid the bill, our wheels were ready to go.  I thought it interesting that, while we were sitting there, or even when we were getting ready to go, they never sent someone over to clean off the table. It was like they were respecting our situation, and didn’t want to make her feel worse for ‘making a mess’ or anything like that. I felt SO bad for our fellow diners, but none of them, including any of the kids, piped up to say anything like “ewww!” or “Mommy, LOOK!”  I was very thankful of my fellow Disney-goers for their silence.

By this time, I had stopped freaking out, and we took a little trip down the road to the First Aid Center. We signed her in, and we were taken back to a stall (for lack of a better term). The doctor, of course, blamed heat and dehydration for her condition (it’s the number 1 problem at Disney for a lot of people), but when he took her temperature, it was 102.5!  He gave her (and both of us) bottles of PowerAde and told her to lie down and take a nap. Oh, he also gave her Advil to drop her temperature.

I think this was the most boring 2 hours I’ve ever spent at Disney World.  Hubby and I played on our iPods for a while. I went through the photos on my memory card. I walked around. I tried not to freeze (it was so cold in there).  I went outside to warm up and check my voicemail (I’d gotten a call from Amaree, my massage therapist – she needed to reschedule me to a later time tomorrow). One of the nurses gave me a blanket, and I curled up in the other bed in the stall for a while.  The Kiddo would roll over every 10 or 15 minutes, but she didn’t fully wake up for a good 2 hours, and she had this look on her face like, Where am I?   

We had the doctor come over and check on her – her fever had gone down tremendously (it was still high, but at only 99 or so), so he let us go. I jokingly said that I was going to steal the blanket (it was a nice Vellux-type blanket), but I left it behind and we wheeled our daughter right down the middle of Main Street USA, to the Wilderness Lodge ferry.  Our trip had ended on quite an explosive note – it was time to go home. 

This photo makes me so sad - you can see that she's definitely not feeling well!
 The boat trip was uneventful, and we first went upstairs to the Lounge to see if they had any more crackers for the trip home. They didn’t have any in the actual lounge, but they sent one of the concierge cast members to go find some (I assume they got some at Roaring Fork, but I never did find out for sure where they went to get them). We also grabbed some drinks (Sprite for her tummy, Diet Coke for me of course!) and snacks for the road. We thanked all of our concierge staff CMs for all the help they provided, not just at that time, but throughout our whole stay, and then we took the elevator to the lobby and out to the front.

Hubby and the Kiddo had the bellman bring our bags, while I went and got the car. I pulled around, and the Kiddo got right in and closed her eyes, still feeling pretty crappy. Our luggage was loaded quickly, the bellman was tipped and all was ready to go.

Then the kiddo piped up and asked where her Crocs were (we travel in sandals so we can go barefoot in the car, if we choose to).  We checked her luggage and the Go Bag, but no shoes to be found. Hubby ran upstairs to see if they were still in the room, but the room had since been turned over for the next guest. Concierge staff to the rescue – again!  We filed a Lost Item report (or whatever it’s called), but we assumed that the Crocs were long gone, not to be seen again.  Oh well, Kiddo said.  She’d gotten her $40 out of ‘em!  She quickly fell asleep, Hubby came back down, and we started the sad drive home.

Because of where we live, in relation to Disney World, we take a portion of the Florida Turnpike, which requires us to stop at a toll plaza on our way to or from. About 20 minutes before we got to said toll plaza, there was a sign stating that there was a traffic jam about 20 miles ahead.  We didn’t worry about it too much, and it was quickly forgotten about.  (The Kiddo, by the way, has not been awake since we pulled out of Wilderness Lodge). 

10 minutes after that sign, we start seeing the jam.  Traffic was at a standstill!  We had no idea what was going on, but traffic would move in fits and spurts. It was really weird.  About an hour later (no, I’m not kidding), we are getting closer to the toll plaza, and traffic starts moving slightly faster.

Here’s a lesson in Turnpike geography – the FL Turnpike between SR-529 and I-75 is two lanes.  When approaching this toll plaza, the road expands to like 12 lanes, to accommodate all the tollbooth lanes.  THEN, once you go through the tollbooth, it goes from 12 lanes back to two.  (It’s almost exactly like the approach to The Magic Kingdom, now that I think about it!)

So, approaching the toll plaza, traffic is moving slightly quicker because everyone is spreading out (except for those of us in the left lane because we have Toll FastPasses, i.e. SunPass – we have to use specific lanes).  Then everyone who has gone into the other lanes, now have to MERGE BACK IN to that right lane.  It was CRAZY! As we pulled through the 2nd-to-left SunPass lane, I see now why the far left lane was so backed up – a car had broken down, and because there were pylons (well, those stupid traffic poles with reflectors on them) lining the lane, people behind the broken-down car could not go around him, so they were all stuck in the far left lane! I’m so glad I decided to move over one lane (I’d been worried that I was screwing myself!)

So we made it through, but it’s still SO backed up, that we’re going at a turtle’s pace. I look to my right and there are scads of vehicles (mostly semis) just parked on the right shoulder, waiting for the jam to clear. I see the logic. They don’t waste as much gas, they get a break and can sit outside of their cab, and they don’t have to deal with stupid drivers!  It took us over 45 minutes to get out of this jam, and back to traveling speeds.  All in all, I think we were stuck in this jam for what must have been two hours!  The Kiddo woke up once and asked if we were home (because we were stopped), but conked right out again. 

Finally, though, we made it home safely. No one broke into my house, nor had it burned down at any point while we were gone.  The Kiddo woke immediately, and, once she realized we were home, headed right to the bathroom where she lost it again. Interesting – she was able to hold it in the car for like 4 hours (she had a barf bag from the clinic), but the moment she got home, she lost it. 

She crawled into bed while Hubby and I unpacked the car, and then he and I headed to bed to. What  a LONG day it was!

Oh, but what you think they do AFTER??????
(5 Bonus Points if you get the reference!)

After our trip and our long drive home last night, I was really looking forward to my massage today! I told Amaree all about the trip, then got my massage. Afterwards, I went out and did my usual errand running and grocery shopping.

After putting the groceries away when I got home, I plopped on the couch because I was feeling a bit tired and icky.  Hmmm….


Thanks Kiddo. She passed along her wonderful stomach bug to me. A stomach bug that laughs when I take Pepto or drink Ginger ale.  I lost everything I ate that day, and probably what I ate yesterday too.  I went to bed early, and felt miserable all night. 
Hubby came to bed in the early hours of the 7th, and as you can imagine, he was feeling a little off too, he said.

Yep. He’s got it too. Great. I just have to say – when WOMEN get sick, we have the balls to deal with it, but when MEN get sick, they whine about it for a week. Now, not only am I sick, but he’s sick, the Kiddo’s still sick AND I still have to deal with all of this crap so the household doesn’t fall apart!

All three of us lazed around the house on Sunday. Hubby of course called out at work. The Kiddo was starting to feel better, so she started taking care of us. 

By Monday morning, the Kiddo was ready to go back to school, so my sick ass had to get vertical enough to drive her there and back. Hubby and I called in sick to work again. 

What a way to end a vacation!

Next up - I'll show you all the cool stuff we got!