Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Lazy Go Club Level - Day 5

Welcome to my trip report - did you just get here?  You missed out on some good stuff!  Follow the links below to get caught up!

We had a lunch reservation at Yak and Yeti today, and since we view Animal Kingdom as a half-day park, we took advantage of sleeping in before heading out to the park around 10ish. 

As I always do, I grabbed a few photos on our way to Expedition Everest.  

Why are you looking at me?
I’d ridden EE on our trip in 2010 and it was a huge failure. See, I made the mistake of riding it WITH A MIGRAINE…. Yes, I was that stupid.  I was doing okay, but when we started going backwards, that was it for me. We pulled into the station, and I practically stepped on my daughter trying to get out of the car. I huddled in a corner for a moment, before hauling ass through the gift shop and outside, so that I could huddle in a corner out there, next to a trash can, because I was about one breath away from hurling. You know that feeling, how if you take a deep breath, you are going to puke? Yeah, that feeling. Hubby took one of our sweat rags to the water fountain and got it nice and wet and cold and brought it back to me. I put it on my neck until the hell had passed. Then I went to the bathroom and willed the nausea to go away. I won, but just barely.

So, I had some unfinished business with Everest. I wanted to ride it again (with Dramamine and without a migraine) to see if it was the ride that sucked, or if it was because of the headache. DD came with me, too, but hubby stayed on the ground (he’s a newly-converted roller coaster guy).

We are in the next to last car, first row - see the wussy holding on? That's the Kiddo!
I don’t remember a lot of the ride, but I remember that it was fun as hell, the backwards part affected me just a bit, but not overly, and that drop is awesome! I was so happy to learn that Everest was a ‘safe’ ride!  The only problem? DD didn’t like it as much as she did the first time, and because we don’t come to Animal Kingdom a lot, I don’t get to ride it a lot….

Hubby pulled me over to the family viewing area and pointed out something that I didn’t notice while on the ride – after you come out of the big drop, you pull a u-turn basically and climb right back up the mountain!  It’s hard to explain, and you don’t feel it, but when he showed me, my eyes bugged out of my head and I said “whoa! So cool!” I wanted to ride again, but the line was getting pretty long by then, and I didn’t want to take the chance of getting nauseated – there was tasty food in my future!

We headed over to Finding Nemo, another “Hey, we’ve never done that before” attraction. We timed it pretty well, and walked right in, into the bubble zone (“Fucking Bubbles!”) I thought the show was amazing – it is done with puppeteers and large (gigantic!) puppets, and the puppeteers also sing for the characters. The sharks were awesome, and the team that brought Crush to life was amazing. Hubby was not as impressed – he doesn’t like Nemo so much, because Crush is ‘annoying.’ I’d definitely see it again – especially when it’s raining or hot outside.

Going to school
Bruce and the sharks
The Fish Tank at P Sherman's office - and Seagull!
Crush and the gang
After Nemo, we had a little more time to kill, so Hubby and the kiddo took a few turns around Primeval Hurl…uh, Whirl.  I can’t do this ride. It spins.  If it was JUST a crazy-mouse coaster, I would love it, but as you descend, the ride car starts to spin (like a teacup), and by the time you get near the end, you are spinning and spinning and spinning and …. Ugh. No thank you.

It's all downhill from there... In more ways than one!

Our reservation was for noon(ish), so we headed over to Asia for lunch at Yak & Yeti. This was a new restaurant for us, again because we are a picky bunch of eaters. But, we’ve gone to Disney enough to know that they are very helpful for us, and that, if there are fries on the menu (even if only on the Kid’s menu), you can substitute anything for fries!

It was pretty busy at the check-in desk, but I managed to score the only available chair in the place, and we patiently waited for our name to be called. When it was, we were taken to a nice four-top table on the 1st floor. Drinks were brought quickly, and then the waiter had to deal with the pickiness of it all.

The Hubby got Sweet & Sour Chicken without peppers, sub fries for the rice. The chicken was cooked nicely, and there was a nice amount of it (sometimes ‘chinese food’ is heavy on veg, and when you take out the veggies, you get 2 pieces of chicken, so this was a nice surprise).

Sweet & Sour Chicken

The Kiddo got the Tempura Shrimp, sub fries for the rice AND the veggies. She said that her shrimp were really yummy, and she got a buttload of fries!

Tempura Shrimp

I got the Shaxioxing (yeah, that’s spelled way wrong) Steak & Shrimp, sub fries for the veggies. My steak was cooked really well. The marinade or sauce they use made it salty, but in a good way, if that makes any sense. It wasn’t bland, that’s for sure!  I thought that the shrimp’s breading was greasy, but they were cooked well (as in, they weren’t over or undercooked). The rice was nice with the steak, and the fries were super-yummy. Crisp, but not break your teeth crunchy (which can happen with shoestrings). The waiter said that they put both salt AND sugar on their fries, to give it a little zing. 

The steak is standing on it's side, wrapped around a tower of rice!
All three of us were very happy with our meals, and agreed that it’s a restaurant we would return to. Yak and Yeti do NOT take Tables in Wonderland, and I found out later (like months later) that they DO give Annual Pass discounts. So, this frugal gal paid full price for a TS meal. Oh well…

I think that we ended up hitting the Lodge after lunch, since the family doesn't like wandering around AK while I just take photos.  We relaxed in our room, while Hubby tweeted, the Kiddo played on her computer and I dumped my photos.

Where did we go after that?  The LOUNGE, of course!

Cookies, Lemonade, Gummie Bears, Milk, Dip (in a bowl under the chips)
Gummie bears, cookies, chips and dip, lemonade and chocolate milk – BEST afternoon snacks ever!

Later in the evening, we headed out to Downtown Disney. The kiddo LOVES Lego, so we try to stop by the Lego Store as much as possible (when we can afford it). That cup between the gummie bears and the cookies is for filling with as many individual pieces of Lego from their Lego wall as possible. The lid has to close, and it cost $17.99 + tax.  If you bring back your cup from last time, you get a 10% discount. If you have an Annual Pass, you get ANOTHER 10% discount! So she gets buttloads of little Lego pieces for the cat to chew on and for us to step on for the low low price of $15.
Besides World of Disney and the Lego Store, we had one more stop to make – Ghirardelli.  We were still kind of full from lunch, so we decided to do a Disney Dinner of ice cream!

Hubby got a hot fudge sundae with chocolate ice cream in a chocolate-dipped waffle bowl.

Kiddo got a (double?) scoop of cookie dough in a chocolate-dipped waffle cone.

I got a hot caramel sundae with vanilla (I think – may have been cookie dough) with whipped cream in a chocolate-dipped waffle bowl. 

We didn't get any drinks, but wished we did – they only offer tiny cups for water, that you get at the condiment stand (seriously, I've seen bigger cups at the dentist when he tells you to spit!)

That was pretty much the end of the night for us – people were starting to funnel into DTD, and The Drunks were getting loud, so we headed to the bus stop, waited in a HUGE line for our bus and eventually made our way back to the Lodge.

Stop at the Lounge? Hell yeah!