Sunday, February 2, 2014

Seven Year Quit

Hi my name is Amy, and I'm a recovering addict.

Seven years ago, I quit smoking, after 15 years.

It took 3 tries.

My first quit was when I was pregnant. I quit cold turkey.  I picked it right back up again afterwards.

My second quit was when The Kiddo was a few years later. I don't remember why I quit again - I think it was when I had to decide between diapers and smokes, and I chose to buy cheap diapers and cheaper cigarettes - but I remember that I did it by weaning - having 20 today, 19 tomorrow, 18 the next day, until you were down to 0. That was hard as hell.

My final quit (notice I didn't say 'third quit') was February 2007. I was unhappy with myself. I was fat. I was out of shape. I smelled like an ashtray. I'd already decided to change a medication I was on to help me get healthier. Quitting smoking was the next step. This time, I used Zyban / Welbutrin to help me quit. It was amazing. I smoked my last cigarette on the way home from work that day, flicked in out the window and never looked back.

Now I've lost 15 pounds, I'm running (not well, but I"m running) and only have Exercise-Induced asthma to deal with. I can only get better from here.