Friday, February 21, 2014

This much stress before a half-marathon is not recommended, you know

So, in 24 hours, I'm supposed to be AT Disney World, getting ready to run a Half-Marathon on Sunday.

You know what you need to run a half-marathon?  A bib.

You know what you need to get a bib?  A waiver.

Guess what I still don't have?

Ding Ding Ding!

I got a call from Blondie first thing this morning.

Get this - she lost her mailbox key, and the waiver that I need is in her mailbox. She said that she lost it a few weeks ago (WEEKS!) but never got around to getting a new key.  Are you KIDDING ME?!? Who goes for weeks without checking their mail?

Oh, but it gets better. In an effort to diffuse the tension that I'm sure she could hear in my breathing (I was being well behaved and not ranting at her), she said "If you had just done it my way to begin with, we wouldn't be having all these problems!"

Uh, wait, what?

Don't blame this all on me!  I wasn't the one who refused to give me the waiver, and also refused to tell me WHY you wouldn't give me the waiver.

If she had just said something like "I feel uncomfortable giving you a copy of Daughter's driver's license because of identity theft," I would have been fine with that. But she never said a word. She just found some random pregnant woman to get a bib from.

When I originally asked for her daughter's waiver, I explained to her WHY I wanted to do it that way - I like the thrill of Packet Pickup, and finding my number, and all the stuff that goes with picking up your bib. I also explained to her that I am a bit anal-retentive and want to be in charge of my destiny, so to speak, and not leave any of this race in anyone else's hands (which is exactly what has happened).

Anyway, now it's almost 5pm on Friday, I leave in less than 24 hours, and I have no waiver.  Supposedly Pregnant Lady is going to email me her waiver and consent form.


I got an email from Pregnant Lady at 6:30 tonight.  Nothing like a little last-minute stress to add to a fun race weekend! She was at work (in California) and couldn't email until she got home. She had no idea what was going on between me and Blondie, and even told me that she'd given Blondie her cell phone to give to me. I never got it....

BUT!  Deep breath....

Let's get packing - I've got a race to run!