Thursday, February 28, 2013

Time for this Princess to return to her Realm - Princess Trip - Day 5 (Tuesday)

Welcome back!  Did you miss anything?  Here are links to the other parts of my Princess Trip Report.

So sad – today is our last day here. My Princess Weekend is coming to an end. I’m feeling less sore today, but still taking painkillers (Aleve).

I always hate packing up on our last day. It seems so… final.  We loaded up the car and ended up driving over to the Magic Kingdom.  It’s easiest for us to park either here or Epcot, because we usually end our trip at one of these 2 parks. While in the parking lot, we debated whether or not to bring our ponchos. We ended up bringing them (I refuse to pay for THREE more!) and later in the day, we were glad that we had them!

I VOLUNTARILY walked to the front of the lot? YES!
Our first stop was breakfast.  Breakfast for me doesn’t always have to be bacon and eggs. Sometimes it can be FUNNEL CAKE!  Funnel cake is really just pancakes that are too big for their britches, anyway… Of course, by the time we got to Liberty Square, it began to pour. Out come the ponchos!  We got our treats and tried to decide where to sit – the covered seating by Sleepy Hollow was (of course) taken by people trying to stay out of the rain, so we ended up covering our plates with napkins (it was only sprinkling now) and trekked over to Columbia Harbor House and borrowed a table there.  We devoured our funnel cakes, and made a complete mess of ourselves, but man, it was a good funnel cake.

Behold the beauty of a Sleepy Hollow Funnel Cake
I wanted to continue getting photos with my Princesses, so next, we headed back to New Fantasyland and got in line for Enchanted Tales with Belle. This is pretty much the only way you can see her in her yellow dress now (without doing character dining), AND you have to be picked to be in the little show.  I won’t say I was desperate, but I tried like hell to shiver (like Maurice), clomp (like Felipe) and march (like a knight), but who did I end up getting?  Here’s a hint.

I got to be a Cast Member! Just kidding...
Yes, my favorite character, the Armoire!  Jo Ann Worley is such a hoot (I used to watch reruns of Laugh-In with my parents), and her ooo-OOOO is so fun to mimic.

So, all of us who were picked to be characters in the show, danced and pranced and whatnot, and then finally is was my turn to address Belle as the armoire – and how do we do that? By ooo-OOOOing, of course!  I let it rip, and Belle’s mouth practically fell open. It was really funny! She probably doesn’t see a lot of little girls (or women) who can hit that note!

Photo courtesy of Disney PhotoPass
Later, every person in the little show gets to have their photo taken with Belle (the whole reason I wanted to do this), and when it was my turn, she said to me that I was “quite the singer!”  I won’t lie – it felt awesome to hear that.  Hubby was a Knight, so he got his photo taken too.

Photo courtesy of Disney PhotoPass
Exiting Enchanted Tales with Belle, we looked up at the sky and saw that the clouds were gathering. So glad we brought the ponchos! Our next stop was a ride on Voyage of the Little Mermaid, which has one of the coolest queues in the whole park.  The ride itself is cute, but boring, and doesn’t last nearly long enough.

I think it's gonna rain again. 
Back outside, we went to meet my next Princess – Ariel, in her Grotto.  We had a nice discussion about how flippin’ your fins won’t get you too far – legs are required for jumpin’, dancin’, strollin’ along down the… she couldn’t remember the word and I told her it was “street”.  I told her that I dressed up as Ursula, which she didn’t approve of, but the character handler interrupted the conversation to say that she remembered seeing me and that my costume was pretty cool! 

Hubby is all "Women... amiright?"

I really wish I had eyebrows.
The sky is looking even darker as we exited the grotto, but I had to stop at the Little Mermaid sign for this – Ursula and my bling! I love this photo, and a version of it is currently my avatar for my Google+ account!

Never underestimate the importance of body language - HAH!
I also took photos with Sebastian, Flounder, and King Nipples (I mean, King Triton).

Jumpin' jellyfish - that's a big medal!
I am not a guppie!
There's only one problem left, Sebastian.... How much I'm going to miss her
By this time, it was around 3:30 or so, and we were ready for lunch (linner?).  Since we were near Tomorrowland, we hit up Cosmic Ray’s, which wasn’t busy at all. We got our nuggets and burgers, and my favorite – PLASTIC CHEESE for the fries, yum!

Photo courtesy DisneyFoodBlog
I was starting to get tired, but I didn’t want our weekend to end, so we hit up the PeopleMover.

Ridin' the TTA during a Tomorrowland Dance Party makes for some fun times
Yes, I took a photo of my bling ON the PeopleMover…

And it's fabulous!
It was time to continue Princess Hunting. Our next target was Jasmine, who met over in Adventureland.

I love the frame that Disney PhotoPass offers for this Meet & Greet
This photo makes me crack up - what was I thinking, and was it as bitchy as it looks?
Okay, so after the family got our photo taken, I asked if I could be in the photo by myself (again, trying to get ME and a princess).  While we were jostling positions, Aladdin offered me his arm and asked "Do you trust me?" I did a total double take and said "what?", so he asked again, "Do you trust me?" with the cutest little smile evah, and I just freakin' MELTED people. ME, the most stalwart, commonsense "they're just kids" person about lost my knees right there. I popped my eyebrow and said "yes" and took his arm. One of my favorite meets EVER. Swoon.

Jasmine looks like she smelled a fart; Who cares? This is MY street-rat!
A quick ride on Pirates, and then we were off to Frontierland and Big Thunder, hitting FastPass thanks to our Super FastPasses we got when we were stuck in Pirates a few days ago.  

Still rockin' the red nails, too - goin' on 3 days and only a few small chips
I love BTMRR, but I can only handle a ride or two, before my tummy starts to yell at me – especially when I’m full of cheese.

However, full of cheese or not, the Kiddo had been talking all week about getting a Mickey Bar to celebrate my run, so we stopped at one of the vendors by the shooting gallery and picked up our celebratory Mickey Bars. (This may be sacrilegious, but I don’t think they are all that… Give me popcorn or a caramel sundae any day!). 

Mickey Bar with 'chocolatey' coating.....Can I just have another funnel cake?
We ate our Mickey Bars on the way to Tomorrowland - the Kiddo wanted one more spin on Buzz before we left.

How does she get such high scores?
We made a stop at the Castle for one more family photo.

Might not be YOUR kind of family photo, but this is who we are!
Our final stop before heading to the car was a quick trip for souvenirs.  I had seen a cute keychain online that was a cut-out of a Running Mickey and I really wanted it.  I picked up a blue Mickey, a white Mickey and a pink cutout Mickey (which would decorate my next purchase). 

Photo courtesy of Laughing Place
We also got a few pins and shirts.  While at the register, there was a couple of women in front of us who was yelling louder and louder at the poor cashier who had rung up their purchases. From what I could gather, the women (who were foreign) thought that ALL keychains were “3 for $8”, but only certain ones were.  Over and over, she hollered “THREE for EIGHT!!!!”  I about lost it, it was so funny how she got louder and closer to the poor cashier, and the cashier kept looking at me, trying not to smile, or worse – yell at the customer.   My cashier rang up our stuff and bagged it up and soon we were off to the fancy store across the street – where they sell purses.

And what kind of purses do they sell?  Dooneys of course!  After my fondling session, I decided on a wristlet, which was less than $80, and was FREE after I paid for it with my Annual Pass discount and Disney Reward dollars.

Front of the bag (Yes, SSE is more important to me than Mickey)
I love DR dollars – I paid for this trip with my Disney Visa, and I get 2% cash (DR dollars) on any Disney purchase. My trip paid for my bag!  I went through every single bag to make sure that the pictures on the side looked good (some had weird patterns), but I finally settled on this beauty!  I love it so much, and it feels so substantial for being such a small little bag.  The next decision will be to decide what to do with it? Make up bag? Special occasion bag? We’ll see.

Back of the bag, with a most intact Train Station (and very little of the stupid Sorcerer Hat)
We made the sad trek out of the park, with Cast Members waving at us with big Mickey Hands, and made our way to the ferry (I think). We picked up our car in the Aladdin lot and took our sad drive home.   I hung my medal from the rear-view mirror so that I could see it, and that 2 hour drive went by quickly.

I’m so proud of myself, and I look forward to doing so many more of these. I don’t know WHEN (thanks, roof), but this won’t be my last RunDisney run. 

It's artsy cuz it's tilted