Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Waiver stalking began on January 28th.  What is Waiver Stalking, you ask?  Well, apparently, it’s where you find the back door (aka Site Directory) to where RunDisney stores all of their documents for their races. Things like photos, results, WAIVERS! 

For every race (not just Disney), you have to sign a waiver that basically says “yes, I’m stupid and running, no I won’t sue you if I kill myself.”  However, with RunDisney waivers, you get a personalized waiver – it has your name, age, town, shirt size and bib number. Now, it’s nice and all to see a waiver for a RunDisney event with my name on it – the girl who 12 months ago LAUGHED at people who ran – but the most important piece of information on that waiver is your bib number.

Why is it important, you ask? Well, if you know your bib number, you will (eventually) know your corral placement. And when you know your corral placement, you know your standing at the Start Line.

For over a week, my Facebook group and I were going insane, waiting on waivers. First we were anxious, then giddy, then impatient, until we got to downright angry! Disney changed the wording on their website from “Waivers will be released one month prior to the race” to “two weeks prior”.  No emails to participants, no tweet, no post on Facebook, no nothing! Kind of burned our collective asses, you know?

Over the weekend, we all decided to stop obsessing about it. I removed the bookmark, closed the window and went on with my life.  The weekend came and went with no waivers. 

Monday morning came and went with no waivers.

After lunch, though? 


I went to the link where the waivers lived and put in the required information:  Last name and birthday.

It couldn’t find me…

I tried again.

It still didn’t find me…

I tried it in Internet Explorer.

It couldn’t find me…

I was getting slightly psycho by now. Oh my God, what if I only THOUGHT I signed up for this? Maybe I forgot to do something and I wasn’t actually registered?  Crap, crap, crap! Freak out to the max at this point….

Deep breath…. Go find the Active.com confirmation email….. Deep breath.

I pulled up my confirmation email and looked for my birthday. 

 Active had my birthday as 3/9 instead of  9/3!! 

Back to the waiver page, I put in 3/9 as my birthday – THERE I AM!!!!  I clicked the beautiful “Print” link and it pulled up my personalized Princess waiver. I printed two and grabbed them off the printer while they were still hot!

What’s my number? What’s my number?

Down at the bottom, I see my name, where I live, my shirt size, and then a glorious line “HM Bib 9558”

There are (rumored to be) TWENTY-SIX THOUSAND people signed up to run the 5th Anniversary Princess Half Marathon. I am 9,558!  That means that there are 16,442 women (or men) with bibs that are higher than mine. It also means that I am starting earlier than a hell of a lot of women! 

Last year, there were 8 corrals (not counting wheelchair racers and the Elite racers).  If the corrals stay the same, I will be in Corral E, or the 5th corral out of 8 total.  This will give me anywhere between a 21 to 30 minute cushion between me and the Sweepers!

For the rest of the day, I’ve been jittery and freaking out. Shit just got real.  We are 19 days away from running. There are only 2 weekends left before we drive down to Disney. My costume isn’t done. I haven’t even begun to pack yet.  The reality of all that I’ve undertaken is starting to hit me, and it’s heavy.

Deep breath…..

Deep breath….

I’m going to go run now.